after the party there’s the hotel lobby

Some fantasies are so grand that living them out for just one night is thoroughly satisfying, enough to leave you worn out and dazy. Living them out for any more than one night probably wouldn’t work as well. But the one-night rule sure works for the fantasy of living in a luxury hotel with all of your female friends. Here your only job (besides the good works you may do on the side) is previewing pay-per-view-porn and laughing, dancing to important songs like “Bad Romance,” soaking in the hot tub, hot-boxing the fancy hotel bathroom with women perched on counters and bathtubs and toilet seats, remarking how gorgeous your friends all are, ordering pizza, telling sort-of secrets, drinking champagne, and falling asleep every night in a big, white bed, with one of your beautiful friends snoring next to you.

at the plaza hotel

Cheap pink champagne has never tasted better.


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