This is Delicious

We all know those moments. You’ve eaten, you push your chair away from the table, you sigh. Sometimes you roll on the floor a little and moan. You are content. That was delicious. Most of the time the truly delicious things surprise you and you can rarely predict a delicious moment before it happens because the taking in of deliciousness is a full body-mind-soul-heart-hands-tongue-teeth-stomach-memory-hope-desire-expectation-chakra one through seven-sensory experience. A delicious is the direct result of the unnameble untameble wholly miraculous alchemy of people, place, time, space, love, knowledge, error, spontaenity, hunger. We are lucky when we find the truly delicious and I have come the conclusion that it is time to start acknowledging the myriad of scattered deliciouses that have made life all the more, well, delicious.

So say a prayer of thanks before you eat and let’s go to the kitchen to play.

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