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just enough

Posted in delicious stories, vague recipes with tags , on November 20, 2009 by thatwasdelicious

I have been reluctant to write posts these past few months. Partly because it seems like there is no real way to put to words the meals, the feelings, the people that I have been sharing life with these days. Partly because I have been feeling shy.

But tonight, a cold rainy night in Philadelphia, the urge to record a delicious is strong.

I am supposed to be out celebrating Tiana’s last day of work but unfortunately care plans and rain conspired against my ambitions. So it was over to Tanya’s for dinner and work. Recently I have been introduced (by Joe, for reasons completely unrelated to food) to Nigella Lawson. So here Tanya and I were tip-tap-typing away and we looked at each other and realized that we needed something sweet, something warm.

Duly inspired by this:

we tore up some old challah bread, caramelized some sugar, whisked in some milk, poured our tipple of choice (Frangelico) into the pan, and then slipped the whole beautiful mess into the oven. 20 minutes, one burned finger, and a dab of whipped cream later we had done ourselves good.

And it was just enough.