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Posted in delicious stories with tags on June 26, 2009 by thatwasdelicious

We arrived on the heels of a rainstorm. My sister, mother, and I had driven from our home in the Valley of Heart’s Delight up through the northern part of California to Portland, Orgeon. The reason for our trip was to celebrate our cousin’s graduation. My uncle greeted us in the driveway with hugs and ushered us into the kitchen where champagne had already been opened and a bowl of fat, red cherries sat on the table.

He swirled around the kitchen, already a little drunk, and thrilled to be celebrating his son, his marriage (our arrival had coincided with his anniversary), and our arrival. From the kitchen we heard the rustle of butcher paper and he called out to us:

“Who wants some raw oysters?”

My cousins, boys of the sea who have spent numerous summer’s on sailboats sailing the channels of British Columbia were down, my aunt nodded as she examined the newspaper, Claire frowned, my mom said no, and I said yes.

I had never had raw oysters.

My uncle brought the plate from the kitchen. The craggy shells caught the evening rain light and glistened. He watched me carefully as I tipped the oyster into my mouth.

How do they taste?

I wanted to say–

Como las largimas en una mejilla


Like the faintly salty shoulder of a lover

But instead I said–

Like the sea, they taste like the sea.