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What to do if it snows in Philadelphia:

snowed in

Wake up late. Pull the blinds up just enough to see the snow falling on the roof tops. Go into the kitchen and make sausage gravy with the broth from the sausage soup made the night before and pancakes. Load up one plate with pancakes and maple syrup, fill a goblet with gravy, pour dark coffee into one mug. Crawl back in bed and have breakfast in bed. Decide a few hours later that in order to avoid the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s authority to fine you it would be a good idea to move the car, go to South Philly, maybe find some Christmas presents.

Walk through the snow storm, wind blowing the sharp powdery crystals into your face, under your scarf. Stop at a coffee shop and sip another cup of coffee and a beautiful cup of hot chocolate until the AIDS Thrift Store opens for business. Walk a couple of blocks to the antique market and look at funny glasses frames. Continue on to the thrift store and shift through piles of used books. Decide that the weather is only worsening and it is probably time to head home.

Shed layers of scarves, mittens, flannel, wet jeans. Put wet socks on the heater to dry and jump back into bed, where, let’s face it, you should have been this entire time. Play some music, noodle around, fall asleep, deeply asleep until it is dark outside. Then, warm up some more soup and begin to replace all of the layers that were previously shed. With soup in belly and a flask of hot chocolate and whiskey, head back out into the storm.

Shuffle through the quiet, dark streets, stopping to help someone push their car out of a snow drift. Cut through the park where the Christmas lights twinkle in the bare branches and where the snow glitters under the streetlights. Head to the bar where Buddha Fest 36 is continuing on depsite the snow piling up and drifting outside. Listen to music, sing along, drink some funny cocktails and a few city-wide specials and then head back out, looking for dinner.

Pause to eat some snow, despite protestations of the more sensible.  Schlep down to Pine St and into Leila’s Cafe where an electric fire burns in a brazier. Order sandwiches and sit at the table nearest to the window looking out over the street. Follow the sandwiches with baklava, a pomegranate hookah, and cups of sugary cardamom flavored Turkish coffee.


Walk home through the snowy streets, on the street, with a guitar case bumping against your leg, another mittened hand in yours, and the cold kept at bay with food, drink, and the knowledge that home is not really all that far away.